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We ALL wanted to be her at one time or another …
"On Fire" by @severalmade | thisistherealjt | @duranduran 

We ALL wanted to be her at one time or another …

"On Fire" by @severalmade | thisistherealjt | @duranduran 

Some requests I did for a One Direction fan <3 @severalmade 

Tink &amp; Pan &lt;3 @severalmade 

Tink & Pan <3 @severalmade 

… a duran duran sunset <3 @severalmade | @thisistherealjt @duranduran @simonjclebon 

Disney. <3 @severalmade 

- Peter Pan

- The Little Mermaid

- Sleeping Beauty

- The Beauty & the Beast 

Tink and Peter <3 @severalmade 

Wicked Birds

I was 15 years old the first time I used John Taylor as a point of reference for a piece of artwork.  I, quite literally, found a picture of him in a magazine and ripped it out.  It was a greasy photo of him on a beach, his shirt unbuttoned just so, his hair perfectly imperfect, his arms submissively suggestive.  It was the first time I had ever seen a picture of a male and felt such … feelings.  I couldn’t have known then that it would be the beginning of an obsession for me, but needless to say, it ignited the fuel for a very proactive - and artistic - love affair.  It would be fair to say that I grew an affinity for his aesthetic influence before I grew particularly found of his music, both with Duran Duran and his solo endeavors (later that year, I forced my dad to get me the Duran Duran Greatest record), but that doesn’t make the influence of his music any less valuable in my opinion.  In fact, it would be because of Duran Duran that I would become so eager and - quite obsessively - consumed by the music world.  But, if I’m being honest, for me, it simply was the look that started it all.  

I would become very active in the Duran Duran community when Myspace was first popular.  Active enough that perhaps most of you do not know to what extent my labor (of love) reaches.  For example, it may surprise those of you who were around in the early days of Myspace to know that it is I - and I alone - who ran the John Taylor Myspace (unofficial /  Generally, I do not say much - choosing long ago to not get involved in the political aspects of fandom.  I like to consider myself a silent observer, appreciative of all you do, especially those of you who’ve I come to follow here on Tumblr.  But, as the new year has bestowed upon me need to release, I am finding that my usual avenues of expression are not as fulfilling as of late.  

With that being said, I’d like to present to you Wicked Birds.  I am so very proud of this work, feeling that I have grown as an artist.  This may not be to your tastes or standards and that’s okay.  I just wanted to share, share what is evoked in me by the same man who evokes in you something special too.  

Happy New Year <3 Severalmade 




Points of Reference: 


And, crucially, Musical Influences (totally recommended): 

The Hardest Part - Kisses

DNA - Empire of the Sun

Fitzpleasure - Alt-J

Wolf - First Aid Kit

Creator - Santigold 

Cola - Lana Del Rey 

A.M.A - Maps 

Do It Again - Holy Ghost!

You Only Live Once - The Strokes

Obscene - Bloc Party 

Applause - Lady Gaga 

Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men 

Let Go (feat. Kele & MNDR) - RAC 

Everything You Wanted - Clubfeet

Scar, Stay Postive & No Escape - Victories at Sea 

Rolling Waves - The Naked and Famous 

All The Days - HAERTS 

Kick - Colour Coding 

Life Size Ghosts - Mt. Wolf

Strong - London Grammar

Oats in the Water - Ben Howard

The Mother We Share - CHVRCHES

Love Me Again - John Newman 

Alien & Tik Tik Boom - Britney Spears 

John Taylor &lt;3 @severalmade | @duranduran | @thisistherealJT 

John Taylor <3 @severalmade | @duranduran | @thisistherealJT 

I wasn&#8217;t going to post this one, but&#8230; What the hell.  &lt;3 @severalmade

I wasn’t going to post this one, but… What the hell.  <3 @severalmade

#johntaylor & #duranduran in neon lines <3 @severalmade 

@spring-glass posted this amazingly handsome photo and I can never resist the urge to touch up a beautiful photo of @thisistherealJT.

I think it’s mostly because I just like looking at him ultra zoomed in ;-) 

<3 @severalmade